Tony and Ruth Schaefer both grew up on diversified farms (consisting of sheep, beef and dairy cattle, hogs and poultry) - a tradition they continue with their children today. They own and operate Schaefer's Meats (established in 1992), where they raise livestock and sell a variety of meats including beef, lamb, pork, and poultry. They also process deer for local hunters; fourteen thousand deer in ten years according to Tony Schaefer.
               In addition to running their own farm store, Ruth Schaefer frequently sells at the Original Talawanda Farmer's Market and the West Chester Farmer's Market, alternating her summer Saturdays between the two. A new Hamilton Market will be added to the agenda. The Schaefer's ten-year old daughter also participates, selling her home-grown produce at the markets with her mother.
               The Schaefer’s take great pride in providing all-natural meats raised without hormones and antibiotics for their family and their customers. According to the Schaefer's, industrial-raised meat products make, on average, eleven stops from where the livestock are raised to the grocery store. In contrast, their animals leave the farm for slaughter and are returned to the farm store for consumer/market-goer purchase. When asked what the most rewarding part of being a local producer is, Ruth Schaefer replied, "Providing a good source of all natural farm-raised meats that we feel are safe to eat."
               Schaefer’s Meats are available year-round from their family-owned and operated farm at 5024 Jacksonburg Road, just outside of Trenton. Please call ahead for store hours at 513-726-5307.